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Arrow Dynamic: Resident finds
success, family bonding in archery

By Benjamin Custer
Palo Alto Weekly (Published August 2014)

Intensity in his eyes, Alan Eagleton pulled the bowstring to his cheek and focused on a paper target dozens of yards below. Shot after shot, his arrows zipped beneath the tree canopy, consistently landing within a couple of inches of the bull’s-eye. He was just warming up.

An East Palo Alto resident, Eagleton routinely finds himself at Kings Mountain Archers in Woodside, where he often practices for hours. As a competitor, he has enjoyed success on local, national and international levels. Next week, the world champion will compete in Croatia as a member of the U.S. Team at the World Archery Field Championships.

But for Eagleton, archery is more significant than records and titles. Through the sport, he has forged fond family memories.

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Tenderfoot California boy finds life’s a little wilder in Texas

By Benjamin Custer
Texarkana Gazette (Published May 2011)

In a place frequented by deafening thunderstorms and crawling with venomous snakes and spiders, it does not take long for a guy from Southern California to toughen up.

A sunbathing snake nearly sank its fangs into my leg the other day while I was walking through the barn on the way to my house. Had I not jumped back at the last moment, I would have failed to avoid its defensive strike.

Though I’ve only lived in Texas a short time, this was not my first encounter with a serpent.

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Should NFL deliver cap blow to
rookie assets?

By Benjamin Custer
Texarkana Gazette (Published July 2011)

Past accomplishments of fledgling NFL players are comparable to using Google Translate for your French homework—there isn’t always a smooth transition.

The difference is you don’t have to pay millions of dollars to online translators before seeing some results.

For years, NFL rookies have inked outrageously lucrative contracts without first proving themselves at the professional level. People should have to earn their paychecks.

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Paly students use humor to create engaging sustainability video

By Benjamin Custer
Peninsula Press (Published May 2014)

Normally teachers are the ones educating students. But in “Conserving Energy For Dummies Teachers,” four Palo Alto High School students from Margo Wixsom’s beginning photography class seized the opportunity to turn that relationship on its head.

Daniella and Elena, freshmen, and Nikhil and Ronak, sophomores, teamed up to explore energy conservation through artistic avenues. They collaborated with one another to write a script, act out scenes and produce an entertaining — yet educational — video.

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